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Furry Guys Resort is a hybrid dog daycare and board facility. We are a True Homestyle Board and Daycare. The resort is a mixed-use home located in the Historic part of Downtown Frisco. By mixed-use we mean that it is classified as a commercial business and is also the owners personal home!


Dogs are always attended to day and night. They get plenty of play all day and deep into the wee hours of the night. They get access to the entire home and out back in the doggie play yard. Out back is half an acre of land that is equipped with four 50-gallon doggie pool tubs, mini homes with their own personal yards, climate controlled, equipped with flat screen tv's, and with a personal Arlo webcams that allows you to two way with your pup. We also throw a few doggie parties throughout the month with live dj sets! Yes, dj sets, ridiculous, we know ;-)


We started in 09 doing just dog walks and pet sits with only 1 person running the show. Now we have grown to over 20 sitters on the pet sitting side of the business, and now have an official store front in a very artsy and historic part of town in Frisco! 


Dog Boarding Rate:

1 Dog - $50

Each Additional Dog - $35

VIP Suites:

1 Dog $100

Each Additional Dog $50

(Includes Dual Bunk Beds with stairs and Memory Foam Beds, Big Screen HD TV with Netflix and Cable, Sofa, and Arlo 2 Way Web Cam)


Daycare Rate:

1 Dog - $30

Each Additional Dog - $20



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